Aguilas Supporters Wednesday – Daghang Salamat (Thank you very much)

October 31, 2018

The season has finally ended and every Aguilas fans certainly has their own version of how it should have been for the Copa Paulino Alcantara for Davao Aguilas Bellmare FC. It was quite not the expectations but with all the mighty swiftness of an Aguilas fell short of claiming the title, yet it only hungers for future achievements.
The growth spurt of fandom in all other parts of the Philippines for Davao Aguilas Bellmare FC signifies the existence of a football club that has been less than two years and been recognised in its tenacity for AFC Cup participation.
With the supporter’s quote reiterates like a pendulum clock, it is the foundation of Davao Aguilas Bellmare FC.
“The fans are the life of the club.” -
We exist for them.
We play for them.
We win for them.”
DABFC Chairman – Sir Jeff Cheng
This quote will be the binding motto for how we would like to integrate our fans to the club’s mission and aim higher to feel the honour of winning the hearts of our beloved fans that never wavers at all.
In behalf of Davao Aguilas Bellmare FC, #DaghangSalamat for all the tears of joy and sadness, the heartfelt sacrifices that the public eyes were not able to view, the time you’ve allotted to watch us with family and friends, setting aside a small budget to go to the matches that were meant for all of you to see, younger football enthusiasts exhausted the last echo of their benevolent voices, the time for creating all those football support paraphernalia (banners, flags, and etc) without asking in return, watching us online through PFL websites and purely enjoy each and everyone’s football performance, capturing memorable photos that will be part of the historical stories that will be passed through generations, and lastly all club’s winning moments that shake our life perception reminding us that each time we fall, there’s always those moments that we felt alive and successful.
It’s not just a beautiful game but a motivational platform.
We appreciate the presence of Apo Bahani and Aguilas Warriors who’ve been the match day atmosphere heroes and heroines who paved way to the deepening orchestra of chanting and expressing the music of support. We will never forget all your sacrifices every weekends. It shows real commitment to be the 12th person. All acted as an uplifting wind for the Aguilas players wing of faith to fly higher than they never could have imagined.
In the end, it was our beloved supporters, who believed in the football club and will always be part of the Davao Aguilas Bellmare FC family.
We are forever be thankful for every spirit who encourages all of us to pursue the impossible and far beyond our hands.
This is all for you! And for everyone who hasn’t found a home to support, you are always welcome to our Aguilas nest. #DABFC #SukolAguilas #OrasSaPaglupad