Aguilas Supporter’s Wednesday – Apo Bahani International Lee Hodgson

September 25, 2018

Davao Aguilas has spotted a passionate supporter and his in-depth interaction with DAFC (now Davao Aguilas Bellmare FC) was fascinating.  As the nests’ fans expand, this lad captivated our supporter’s hot seat and answered some personal questions about his alliance with Apo Bahani and Davao Aguilas Bellmare FC.

Question 1: Why did you join Apo Bahani? 
Answer:  First, I moved and lived in the Philippines in 2011. I lived in Mandaue city in Cebu then moved to Mandurriao in Iloilo before I ever went to Davao, the first game I watched was on TV. I think it was Manila Nomads vs Kaya and noticed all the teams play in Manila, I then moved to Davao and absolutely loved the place. Davao is my favourite city in the Philippines but I didn't live there long as we were there to finish our marriage application but I knew I would be back in this great city.
I was back living in the UK and searching on YouTube for Filipino ultras and noticed others are all over YouTube and the only ones that seemed to have an ultras scene in the Philippines. I came across that there was a new football club on the scene from Davao, I was over the moon as I finally had a Philippine football club I could follow. I wondered if they had ultras but doubted it as they were so new but to my surprise I came across the name APO BAHANI. That name blew me away. I thought it was fantastic and had to know more, I found out about David Abella, one of the leaders of Apo Bahani and straight away sent him a message. We chatted for a while about ultras and football in general and invited me to chat with Moyy, the founder of Apo Bahani and before you know it I’m part of Apo Bahani that's when I decided to get the Apo Bahani Clarets flag made but since then I have returned to Davao to meet the Apo Bahani lads. A few of us was there in Manila to see the Azkals qualify for their first ever Asian cup.

Question 2: What do you reckon about Davao Aguilas Bellmare FC?
Answer: I think we have a fantastic team good enough to win the league. It’s only a matter of time before we do but if we played at home in Davao this season, I believe we could have challenged Ceres Negros FC for the title. Hopefully with the new stadium, I hope to see them regularly playing in Davao and building that local support so football can grow in the region and Philippines.

Question 3: Which part of United Kingdom are you from?
Answer: I live in Burnley, England about 5 hour drive north of London up in the Lancashire hills in this area. We are famous for our cotton mills, witches and of course Burnley football club who qualified for Europe for the first time in 51 years last season. I am a season ticket holder at Turf Moor (our stadium) and I travel away as much as I can. I was in Greece the other week following Burnley FC in there European game. For me, football is life. Football can take away all the stresses of the working week. I would be lost if I didn't have football.

A prominent member of Apo Bahani forged a supporter’s alliance with Burnley FC and he created a banner to symbolise that pact. This story will remain historical among Davao Aguilas FC, Apo Bahani and Burnley FC fan Lee Hodgson. DABFC appreciate your support and this is pact we want to honour throughout the nests’ fandom history.