Aguilas Supporters Wednesday – Culture, Tradition and Pride of The Supporter’s Group

September 13, 2018

The international football scene is eclectic and fiery; definitions are created by its own people of culture. Different supporters’ groups in football arena signify tradition of the region and often to fully represent the pride of its people. We will have a quick peek into the fan diversification globally to comprehend the recent state of our fanatic football fans in the Philippines.
First and foremost, the birth place of Ultras movement in Italy; Ultras means a type of football renowned for fanatical support. The fan behaviour is quite a bit aggressive as they were born to provoke or intimidate rivals. Being an Ultras is a lifestyle for some as they traverse the innate love for the football game and their tribe. They are directly vocal about their club’s interest and willing to sometimes draw attention of unimaginable resort through:
1. Tifo (Italian word: the phenomenon of supporting a sport team. In some countries (but not in Italy) it is mostly used as a name for any choreography displayed by fans in the stands of an arena or stadium in connection with a sport event, mostly as part of an association football match.
2. Tendency to use flares of some sort
3. Vocal Support and its choreography
4. Banners with Slogans
The birth of Apo Bahani in Davao Aguilas football matches as an Ultras group is the connection of DAFC to its roots. The pride of Apo Bahani is to remain true to its ethnic culture. An activist to remind people that football in Davao will be its priority. It’s interesting to reckon about a fanatical group like the territorial and outspoken Apo Bahani.
Since the inception of football in Davao, the awakening passion can’t be halted. The Ultras movement is an international phenomena since 1951 and continue to dominate the philosophy of the football diaspora.
Ultras football support philosophy has been customised to adapt to its fundamental culture. It varies around the world. Who said passion can’t be measured after all?
It’s #DUID means DAFC Until I Die! It’s a chant of loyalty, a song of reverence, and anthem of recognition
#AguilasSupportersWednesday #DUID #DAFCUntiliDie #SukolAguilas #OrasSaPaglupad #Ultras #ApoBahani

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