Aguilas Supporters Wednesday – Apo Bahani (Passion In The Aguilas Nest)

September 5, 2018

Apo Bahani has been deliberately vocal on their support and we judged them based on the assumptions of their fanatical behaviours on and off the stadium. Ultras movement gained massive attention for the couple of years in Philippines football scene.

The behind the scenes should be understood and it’s a year and 5 months since the club has been founded but the trace of passion never wavered. As supporter’s diversification expanded after Aguilas Warriors, Apo Bahani will have its roots reviewed; a core existence made for Davao Aguilas Football Club alone. DAFC cares about its diversification as the club accepted the tenacity of its valiant supporters of any kind.

Let’s look into the deeper side of Apo Bahani top lads and the statement of the passion that took these lads into crusade.

Question: Why do you support Davao Aguilas FC?

Erns Dulay answer: Well the answer is obvious, I am a Dabawenyo and we have a Davao club. In the beginning it was all hype. High expectations, non-stop cheers but as the first season was about to end it became frustrating to watch cause the team is not winning. Still I did not lose hope, I knew this team is bound for greatness.

Moyy Usop answer: First and foremost, I am a football fan because I see true spirit and passion of a real fan through this sport. From international club football to falling in love with our National Team Azkals sometime in 2009-2010 to finally having our own local club in PFL. It has been a dream finally came through and a catalyst to building a group of DAFC ultras. To all the haters and supporters, “hindi ninyo alam kung gaano kasarap maging football fan”

PV Narido answer: I choose to support DAFC because it represents our race and blood in the world of sports. As a Mindanaoan, it’s a privilege to be represented by a team with heart and passion playing the most famous sports in the world. Here in our country, we only have 6 professional football teams as of this writing and we are lucky to have this team who stands on their feet and show the features of a true Mindanaoan warrior in the form of football. A team who can bring us honour, an honour which we can be proud of not only today, but also tomorrow and until we die. “DAFC Until I Die”

David Abella answer: I chose DAFC because finally my city has a team. It represent me and my culture as a Dabawenyo and as a Mindanaoan. It gives me pride to support and chant for the team that will represent me. I’ve been a Juventus fan and young ultra for a long time, when finally I knew that there was a team for Davao. I represent and bring the colours with pride and joy. I love it so much that I can proudly say that I’m DAFC until I Die. “SUKOL AGUILAS HANGGANG KATAPUSAN”

Apo Bahani members are scattered around Davao City, Panabo City, UK and here in Luzon as well. The legacy of these folks will be part of the roots of Davao Aguilas FC even through the highs and lows. The communication maybe rough and tough sometimes between the club and its supporters. Their presence for some will remain fascinating as the controversy will still linger around the football fan community. The constructive criticisms are thrown to cut the edges of uncertainty but DAFC will acknowledge that we are all in this together. Our supporters, wherever you maybe, will always have a home in the Aguilas Nest. The nest that will nurture our future supporters and the feeling of being part of Davao Aguilas FC Family.

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