Davao Aguilas continues to stay unbeaten despite facing Ceres in their first Copa Paulino Alcantara match.

September 2, 2018

Davao Aguilas were able to get the 3 points in their first match against Ceres in the Cup as Matthew Hartmann, Phil Younghusband, and Tahj Minniecon all contributed to the scoreline with a 3-1 victory over the league champions. With this victory, Davao is now on an 8-game unbeaten streak that started mid-July.

Davao is proving to be a contender for this cup as they have recently beaten Ceres 3-0 in Panaad and now winning 3-1 in the cup.

Ceres Negros started the match strong by holding the ball possession really well both in their half and in Davao’s half. Ceres made many passes that mostly stayed in the back as they tried to make the Aguilas chase after them, trying to make them physically tired. They had some great chances on goal especially when Patrick Reichelt took advantage of the defensive lapses of Davao in the 34th minute that saw the ball deflected wide for a corner.

Patrick Deyto was in his usual game as he came out on the 35th minute as Ceres’ corner was striked right in front of goal where Deyto made a great goal-line save as Blake Powell tried to hit it before making a double save.

Soon after, Davao was able to pounce on the league title-holders as the defense got complacent. Ceres conceded 2 goals in quick successions as Matthew Hartmann chased after a soft backpass to Roland Mueller and slotted the ball into the back of the net in the 38th minute. Just 2 minutes after, Phil Younghusband was able to keep the pressure on Mueller whose pass was directly towards Younghusband. Phil, knowing the confident striker that he is, took his time to slot the ball in the back of the net to make it 2-0 in favour of Davao by lobbing the ball over Super. The half ended 2-0 with fans from both sides getting surprised by the half-time result.

The 2nd half resumed and Ceres was able to get one back in the 54th minute as Powell was able to convert a penalty goal courtesy of a handball in the box. The score is now 2-1 with Ceres looking to be on level terms.

Ceres kept the pressure on as they wanted to win the game badly especially when they recently lost 3-0 to Davao. Chances came and go as Ceres couldn’t convert any of their chances on goal. In the 57th minute, both Daniel Gadia and Stephan Schrock received yellow cards as an altercation happened between the two.

Both teams had an exchange of attempts on goal but the defense and keepers of both sides played well to keep the score the same. In the 76th minute, Davao put the game to bed as Tahj Minniecon was able to get a 3rd goal for his side by taking advantage of another defensive breakdown. A long ball from Dos Santos saw the ball reach just outside the penalty box of Ceres where Joshua Dutosme was seen pressured by Minniecon that forced him to give the ball up where Minniecon slotted the ball into the net beating Mueller easily. Soon after, another misfortune happened for Ceres as Bienvenido Maranon was given a straight red card in the 77th minute. Maranon, with his frustration, gave Adam Tull an elbow to the face despite Tull not having to do anything with him prior to this incident.

The match soon ended and for the last couple minutes, Davao was able to hold on to their 3-1 lead. Now, Davao takes the first place in Group A as Ceres is seen at the bottom of their group after Match Day 1. Davao’s next game in the cup will be on the 22nd of September, against Ceres Negros once again.

Startling Lineup: Deyto, McDonald, Casambre, Dos Santos, Hall (85’), Tull, Gadia (80’), De Jong, Hartmann, De Bruycker (68’), P. Younghusband

Substitutes: Bayan Jr., Clarino (85’), Otomo, Kim, Salenga (80’), Minniecon (68’), Cubon