True Aguilas Warriors Commitment

July 16, 2018

It has been truly remarkable when you witness the tenacity and eagerness to create the “MATCH DAY ATMOSPHERE” that we all craving for despite the rivalry intensity. Davao truly represented their home with a huge crowd chanting the epic mantra “SUKOL AGUILAS” (Eng: FIGHT AGUILAS). The colourful combination of red, white and blue ignited the passion inside Davao Del Norte Sports Complex. The Aguilas came back to the nest to stamp their eagles spirit once more among its great supporters, Aguilas Warriors at the grandstand performing at its peak.
Aguilas Warriors painted their face with pride and raised the scarves in front of the Ceres players coming from afar. We call it the “MARK THE TERRITORY CORTEO”. It’s a practice of passionate chanting in front of the rival club. Never surrender at all! It means “This is our territory, Davao is our home”. Aguilas Warriors are not just your typical fans, in fact, they are football players who competes in various football tournaments in Mindanao.
“Davao ‘til I Die” chant has been the singing piece for we will not be forsaken nor ignored DAFC until perish. This team sacrificed time and effort voluntarily to support Davao Aguilas Football Club. We are truly proud of what this team can achieve and their chanting passion for football will pour out and touch the people of Davao as they sing it loud and proud.
They are growing and evolving as a group as they will truly be a catalyst for introducing the whole Davao the passion of chanting and scarves waving. You can’t halt an action that will bring forth unity in supporting football. Aguilas Warriors is a way of life that will be part of the Mindanaoan football fan culture. You’ll embrace the deep connection to our club, DAVAO AGUILAS FC and the symbol of the eagles’ spirit that envision it.
Aguilas Warriors will be your lift when you no longer see the flight to our goals, the motivating sound that will boost your morale, and definitely shield you through the pain of losses. We will never stop chanting, never stop calling, and never stop putting the club in pedestal.
Once you hear the chant, “Davao ‘til I Die” – it will live on through your hearts as Dabawenyos.
And we ended this with a chant as well – “SUU-KOL Aguilas” ====== ORAS SA PAGLUPAD (Eng: Time to Fly)